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공개·회원 4명

제 8회 정기노회

2024년 4월 15일


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Hello Pastors and Elders,

Did you know that you are also a member of the General Assembly of World Presbyterian Church, also known as GAWPC? All pastors and elders are encouraged to participate this meeting that will be held at NY LaGuardia Hilton Plaza Hotel on 6/4-6/6/2024. There are many benefits! You can register here.


What is GAWPC?

You can find more information about GAWPC on this website.


Document Number: English Presbytery No. 2023-10-03

To: Church Pastors and Elders

From: Moderator of the English Presbytery of the General Assembly of World Presbyterian Church

Subject: Notice of the 7th Regular Meeting of the English Presbytery

May the grace and peace of the Triune God be with the churches, ministries, and households that you serve. We wish for your fruitfulness in all areas. We hereby announce the schedule for the 7th Regular Meeting of the English Presbytery. We kindly request your attendance and participation.

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2023년 7월 1일 · 님이 그룹 커버 이미지를 추가하였습니다.
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