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Journey With Jesus

“Journey with Jesus” is based on Chaplain Yong Hui McDonald’s writings about her own spiritual journey to meet Jesus. Chaplain McDonald is from South Korea, and has been living in the United States for 40 years. She has served as a hospital chaplain, and now is a chaplain at Adams County Detention Facility in Brighton, Colorado. She founded the Transformation Project Prison Ministry (TPPM), a non-profit organization that publishes complimentary books and media for correctional institutions and homeless shelters. Chaplain McDonald also facilitates “Inner Healing Seminars” for spiritual counseling. More information on the Transformational Project Prison Ministry can be found at: Chaplain McDonald’s books are available to download for free in different languages:…​ Chaplain McDonald’s audio books and “Inner Healing Seminars” are available here:…​ More information and resource related to Chaplain’s McDonald’s ministry may be requested to:

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