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WPC - WMS World Mission Society Articles of Incorporation


Chapter 1: General Meeting

Article 1 (Name) / The name of this meeting is “WPC - WMS World Mission Society (English) WPC World Mission Society.”

Article 2 (Location) / The office of this meeting shall be the office of the General Assembly until the mission center of this mission is established.

Article 3 (Purpose) / This Association is a mission organization under the WPC denomination established to evangelize the world according to the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ, and its purposes are as follows.

1. Selection, training, dispatch and management of competent missionaries

2. Reconciliation of local churches and mission departments of each presbytery

3. Administrative support for efficient missionary activities

4. Establishment and implementation of policies regarding missionaries’ welfare and retirement plans

5. Cooperation projects with international missionary organizations and welfare corporations

Article 4 (Standards of Faith) / All directors and missionaries of this organization must confess the “12 Creeds” of the WPC Constitution as their faith under the authority of the Word of God.


Chapter 2: Director

Article 5 (Director) / A person belonging to a church under the WPC, classified as follows.

1. Director of Operations / Serves as the senior pastor of a church that pays mission fees of more than $100 per month.

2. Supporting director / Member of the church who pays mission fees of more than $100 per month.


Article 6 (Rights of Directors) / Directors have the right to participate in the operation of this organization through the general meeting of directors in accordance with separately established rules.


Article 7 (Duties of Directors) / Directors have the following obligations.

1. Compliance with the charter and operating rules

2. Implementation of resolutions of general meeting and board of directors

3. Payment of membership fees and other dues


Article 8 (Expulsion of a Director) / When a director falls under any of the following reasons, the Chairman may be expelled by a resolution of the executive meeting.

1. When the obligations under Article 7 are not performed intentionally.

2. When it interferes with the business of this organization.

3. When the reputation of this organization is damaged or harmed.


Chapter 3: Executives


Article 9 / This Association shall have the following officers and employees.

1. Executives

go. President Lee: Represents the association and is responsible for guiding and supervising all operations and reporting to the general meeting.

me. Deputy Chairman: Assists the Chairman and acts on his behalf in the event of the Chairman's absence.

all. Secretary: Supervises the administrative affairs of this meeting.

la. Accounting: Manages the financial affairs of this meeting.

2. Staff

go. Secretary: In charge of affairs related to this meeting.

me. Secretary: Assists the secretary and secretary in handling all administrative affairs.


Article 10 (Election of officers) / Officers are elected at the general meeting of the board of directors.


Article 11 (Term of office of executives) / The term of office of executives shall be two years, but cannot be reappointed. However, the term of office of the by-elected officers shall be the remaining term of the predecessor.


Chapter 4: Meeting


Article 12 (General Assembly) / The General Assembly is the highest decision-making body of this organization.


Article 13 (Convocation of general meeting)

1. The general meeting shall be a regular general meeting and an extraordinary general meeting.

2. The regular general meeting is convened by the chairman once a year in accordance with the general meeting of this organization.

3. An extraordinary general meeting shall be convened by the chairman by resolution of the executive meeting when more than 1/3 of the directors request it or when it is deemed necessary, and must be announced 15 days in advance.


Article 14 (Matters to be discussed) / Matters to be discussed (discussed) at the general meeting are as follows.

1. Matters related to business plan

2. Matters related to budget settlement and audit

3. Matters related to changes to the Articles of Incorporation

4. Agenda submitted by the chairman


Article 15 (Quororum) / The general meeting opens with members present, and resolutions are made with the approval of more than half of the members present.


Article 16 (Nature of the Board of Directors) / The Board of Directors has the authority to resolve and execute policies of this organization.


Article 17 (By-election of Directors) / Persons who have started paying mission fees corresponding to the qualifications of directors shall be recruited as directors by resolution of the executive meeting of the board of directors.


Chapter 5: Finance


Article 18 (Membership Fees and Offerings) / The finances of this meeting shall be the director's headquarters support and mission field support dues, board of directors fees, and special offerings (General Assembly Sunday offering).


Article 19 (Accounting Audit) / This Association must have accounting-related matters audited by the General Assembly auditor at least once a year.


Article 20 (Fiscal Year) / The fiscal year of this organization is based on the fiscal year of the WPC General Assembly.


Chapter 6: Supplementary Provisions


Article 21 (Amendment of Articles of Incorporation)

1. The Articles of Incorporation may be amended, but Chapter 1, Article 4 cannot be changed.

2. If it is desired to amend the Articles of Incorporation of this organization, it must be passed with the approval of more than 2/3 of the general meeting of the Association.

3. Matters not stipulated in these Articles of Incorporation shall be governed by the general meeting regulations and general practices.

4. These Articles of Incorporation shall enter into force immediately upon passage.

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