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History and Introduction of the World Presbyterian Church (WJJ)

1974년 한인미주서부노회 (노회장 김윤찬) (1).png

  The General Assembly of WKPC/World Korean Presbyterian Church  1974  Korean Presbyterian Church  at the joint meeting  in the Americas  in the beginning  Korean American Western Presbytery  organize  first president  Kim Yun-chan  pastor  by electing  That  historian  started.  And  1978  home country  General Assembly  Focusing on non-mainstream  in North America  Korean American Presbyterian Church of Jesus  Gaju Presbytery,  Central Presbytery,  New York Presbytery,  Philadelphia Piano Society  And  presbytery of canada  center  The General Assembly (KAPC)  organized  invite  to the general meeting  Injae Lee  pastor  Elected.  And  North American State Reformed Presbyterian Church Council  as a full member  world church  right  Department of Theology  watchman  member  Became  Korea and  american  reformism  with denominations  actively  to interact  has been  Meanwhile,  The Western American Presbytery was established in 1980.  Korean Presbyterian Church  joint general meeting  in determination  follow  Western American Presbytery,  General Western Presbytery,  Greater New York Presbytery,  Central Presbytery,  Northwest Presbytery,  Central and Southern Presbytery Center  Became  America's Congress  organize,  invite  at the venue  Hwang Gyu-seo  pastor  Elected.  therefore,  home country  Korean Presbyterian Church  consolidation  to the general meeting  root  Dunn  two  to an overseas denomination  in good spirits  has been  


  two  the general meeting  motherland  General Assembly  the constitution  by default  General Assembly  the constitution  enacted  general assembly  oriented  faith  political  fundamental  skeleton  with a reformed faith  Confirmed.  confirmed  General Assembly  constitutional  the contents  English and  In Korean  Constitution  Part 1  :  presbytery  Twelve Creeds, Part 2  :  Westminst  Confession of Faith, Part 3  :  Westminst  big dish  Questions and Answers, Part 4  :  Westminst  Soyo-ri  Questions and Answers, Part 5  :  Politics, Part 6  :  constitutional  Rules, Part 7  :  Discipline Ordinance, Part 8  :  It is an example of worship.  


  1976  was opened  America's Congress  the seminary  1992  To the American Chongshin University  while developing  Korean Presbyterian Church  joint general meeting  approval  under  the pastor  positivity,  while exhaling  America's Congress  20 years  During  develop  come  home country  at the general meeting  The severance of relationship  pain  to suffer  I did.  after that  many  pain  suffering  some  order  general assembly  joint department  separation  while  American joint meeting  until now  continue  develop  came.


  Meanwhile  1977  opened  International Reform University / Graduate School of Theology  IRUS  to the first dean  Kim Eui-hwan  with Dr.  Lee Sang-geun  doctor,  Jintae Lee  Dr., Dr. Michael De Vries  center  Became  was established, and IRUS  In 2013  February  From the Association of Biblical Higher Education (ABHE)  BA, MA, M. Div.  degree  approval  got  year 2014  February  on the 19th  ministry  Doctor (D.Min.)  approval  received. year 2014  in November  ESL  English language training course  allow  received, in 2016  in February  new  degree course,  church music  Bachelor of Arts (BACM);  church music  Master's degree (MACM);  counseling  Master's degree (MAC)  process diagram  Add to  approval  received.  also,  Early childhood education institution  Certification Course (ECE)  There is. ABHE  MI  University Accreditation Association  (CHEA, Council on Higher Education Accreditation); and  Affiliated with the US Department of Education  It is an accrediting institution for Christian universities. IRUS (International Reform University and Graduate School of Theology)  Korean and  In English  with the pastor  a missionary  right  with theology  educate  by training  immigrant church  to world missions  to contribute  pastor,  church  workman,  leaders  nurture  There is.  USA  from the Department of Homeland Security  F-1 visa issuance  be approved,  reformed theology  seeking  with a prestigious American seminary  equivalent  with qualifications  immigrant  1 year old  2 years old  including  third world,  English speaking  the ministers  as a pastor  ordained  under  church and  world mission  work  to bear  There is. IRUS  reformism  theology  teaching  Is the federal government  under  formal degree  awarded  only  conservative orthodox  It is a seminary.


  the general meeting  the Lord  given  supreme commander  world mission  Effectively  to do  for  General Assembly World Mission  WMS  as an independent organization  established. And  home country  General Assembly World Mission  with GMS  cooperative missionary  Planning Department  director  and  training,  support  etc  heavy  missionary work  Effectively  And  persistence  to be  to bear  So,  missionary,  missionary  general  management  overseeing  support, so  world mission  for  devotedly  take the lead  There is.


  37th  Korean American Presbyterian Church  the general meeting  court,  church development committee  general assembly  illegal  by doing  due to  In 2013  In May  has been separated.  That  at that time  President  unbiblical  with humanism,  the general constitution  ignored  daily lesson  Church Development Committee  illegal  expediently  general meeting  corrupted  To them  have a meeting  felt  reformism  presbyteries   From the KAPC General Assembly  separated  WKPC  World Presbyterian Church/World Korean Presbyterian Church  organized,  God  center,  words  center,  church  central  neocapitalism  to the general assembly  Formally  separate  has been  


  especially  Korean Presbyterian Church  joint general meeting  full  support  receive  World Presbyterian Church of Jesus  WKPC  to the center  So  American Eastern Presbytery  American Western Presbytery  organized,  Korean Presbyterian Church  joint general meeting  full member  to be  home country  to the general meeting  gun barrel  sending  joy  enjoy  became,  International Reform University / Graduate School of Theology  Virginia  Christian University  Korean Presbyterian Church  general  approval  received  overseas  a seminary  has been


  41st  General Assembly  at the time  Korean Presbyterian Church  general  tradition  inherited  Dunn  two  Overseas  platform  World Presbyterian Church of Jesus  General Assembly  WKPC  President  Kyu-bo Lee  with the pastor  American Joint General Assembly  President  Park Deung-bae  Pastor  reformism  Department of Theology  of faith  the route  same  by denomination  see  more  big  Vision Department  mission  with  two  general assembly  jointly  has been  unquestionably  To the Korean Presbyterian Church  root  Dunn  overseas  two  general assembly  unitedly  Sadang-dong  minion  origin  joint side with center  overseas general meeting  take the lead  get out  became  that is  God's  big  providence,  God's  great  have a plan  to be  as  I believe.  


  Korean Presbyterian Church  consolidation  to the general meeting  root  leave  in reformed theology  based on  five oceans  in six weeks  scattered  serving  every  pastor,  missionary,  church  leaders  unitedly  world  evangelization,  world mission  for  big  use  receive  Thing  to look forward to  It's possible.


  from now on  native  Korean Presbyterian Church  joint general meeting  as a brotherhood  mission and  responsible  do it  will be  And  independent  as an overseas general meeting  world evangelization  for  lively  go ahead  get out  Thing  I promise.  copy  general assembly  words  above  firmly  standing  of soul  salvation and  church  renaissance,  And  to world missions  dazzling  history  to make it happen  by faith  please pray  with love  help me  wish.  country  leave  to the world  scattered  Koreans in  to the diaspora  every  church and  the saints  embrace  number  there is  World Presbyterian Church of Jesus WKPC  general meeting  through  God  glory  to receive  faithfully  to serve  do.  please pray  please support  please.

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