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general meeting rules

Chapter 1 Organization


Article 1 Member

Members shall be pastors and elders sent by each presbytery.


Article 2 Executives

Chairman  :  One  sign   vice-chairman  :  2  In (elder)  1 person)

clerk  :  One  sign   break up  :  One  sign

record clerk  :  One  sign   secretary  :  One  sign

Accounting  :  One  sign   sub-accounting  :  One  sign


Article 3 Election method


Election of all officers is selected by the nomination department and approved by the general meeting.  all executives  Can be reappointed for up to 4 years.


Article 4 Duties

One.  The president controls all the affairs of the association and represents the association.

2.  The vice president cooperates with the president and acts on behalf of the president in the absence of the president.

3.  The secretary does the following:

 (One)  Prepares for the opening of the General Assembly.

 (2)  Documents submitted to the general meeting are received and processed.

 (3)  print the report  Distributed to all members within one month.

 (4)  Keep all necessary documents for the general meeting.

 (5)  The general meeting procedure and membership list are printed and opened  Distributed to each member one month in advance, inspecting members' documents, and checking attendance before the opening of the general meeting

     Oversees and supervises all reporting.

 (6)  Assist the president and members and guide the expeditious method and procedure of conducting business.

 (7)  Proceedings members, prosecutors Cheon-seo, and statistics members may not concurrently serve as standing members.

4.  The deputy secretary assists the clerk to inspect the documents in advance, collect all the records of each presbytery and report the situation to each presbytery, and report them to the general assembly.

The clerk will act on his/her behalf in case of absence.

5.  The record clerk prepares the record and delegates it to the clerk, and collects each report and petition as they are hired and attaches them separately.

6.  The clerk of the meeting helps the clerk of the meeting, prepares a snapshot of the meeting before the adjournment and distributes it to the members, and the clerk of the meeting acts on his behalf in case of absence.

7.  Accounting does the following:

(One)  All finances of the plenary session are arranged and money is spent according to the resolution of the plenary session, but cases that are difficult to deal with alone are entrusted to the Ministry of Finance and implemented according to its guidance.

(2)  Each year, the balance sheet must be reported to the plenary session and the books must be inspected.

(3)  Financial income is deposited in a bank, and passbooks and receipts are also inspected.

(4)  The accountant also serves as the financial secretary.


Chapter 2 Buwon,  commissioner,  move,  General Affairs,  double church,  world missionary


Article 5 Standing Department

One.  Vice Marshal


pregnant woman,  notice,  rules department,  Ministry of Finance,  Ministry of Education,  chaplain,  silver pay,  Ministry of Internal Affairs,  foreign ministry,  publishing house,  presbytery record inspection department,  consecration department,  youth leadership,  Church Friendship Department,  The number of members of the Theological Faculty is determined by the total number of faculty members.


2.  Selection method and tenure

(One)  Standing members are selected by the nomination department before the general meeting and decided immediately after the meeting with the permission of the general meeting, and the term of office of each member is  3 years and every year  third  improve by 1

(2)  Each member may not be reappointed after his/her term of office, and members of the Judicial Council shall be held in one presbytery.  No more than 2 people.

(3)  The convening officer for the organization of the Standing Department is  1st year  set to 1  However, if the person in charge of the convening is absent  1st year  number 2  number 3  In the 4th order, he becomes the convening manager.


3.  Each member's duties

(One)  The Imdea Department proposes constitutional matters to the general assembly and proposes to the general assembly a policy to handle constitutional cases that will be ordered to the lower meeting, and reports on the work entrusted to the general assembly by resolution.

(2)  The notice department conducts a robbery accident test for pastor candidates who have graduated from seminaries directly managed by the General Assembly and seminaries approved by the General Assembly (entrusted).  This notification is made at the time and place determined by the notification department, and the result is reported and confirmed during the opening of the general meeting.

(3)  The Rules Department researches and proposes matters pertaining to the rules of the General Assembly, and reports on matters pertaining to the rules entrusted by the plenary session.

(4)  The Ministry of Finance researches and proposes all financial matters of the plenary session, inspects all accounting books, and organizes and reports the budget for expenses of the general assembly.

(5)  Ministry of Education, church school,  bible school,  clergy conference,  In charge of publishing books and other Christian education, he guides the training of church leaders.

(6)  The chaplaincy department oversees the chaplaincy affairs.

(7)  The salary department researches and guides the welfare of pastors who are unable to serve due to health reasons and those who are about to retire.

(8)  The Ministry of Internal Affairs studies and guides missionary work in North America, and recommends developmental policies to the church.

(9)  The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is in charge of all missionary activities abroad.

(10)  The publishing department is in charge of the publishing business of the general assembly.

(11)  The presbytery's minutes inspection department inspects the minutes of each presbytery and the minutes of the courts, and reports to the general assembly whether all decisions have been made in accordance with the law or have been handled wisely and fairly.

(12)  The overture division distributes all overtures from each presbytery to each standing division.

(13)  The youth leadership department is in charge of all affairs related to the religious guidance of youth under the general assembly.

(14)  The Church's Friendship Department is engaged in external activities to promote friendship with the Reformed Brotherhood.

(15)  The Faculty of Theology is in charge of all affairs related to theology.


Article 6 Regular members

One.  Number of people and selection method

(One)  statistician  2  sign  (clerk and secretary)

(2)  nomination committee  (Each presbytery)  The eldest is the muster

(3)  procedural member  2 people (President and Secretary)

(4)  advertising committee  1 person  (President Nomination)

(5)  Attendance check member  1 person  (President Nomination)

(6)  document inspector  2 people  (clerk and secretary)


2.  Commissioner's Duties

(One)  Statisticians every year  Within February, the presbytery's status report will be printed and sent to the clerk of each presbytery and the general meeting will be held.  Receive and collect reports from each presbytery no later than two months in advance.

(2)  The nomination department nominates each standing member before the general meeting and reports after the opening of the general meeting.

(3)  The procedural committee prepares and prints the meeting procedures of the general meeting and distributes them to members before the opening of the general meeting.

(4)  Advertising committee members are responsible for advertising to members during the general meeting.

(5)  The attendance check member investigates non-attendant members and members who leave early before the adjournment and reports it to the general meeting.

(6)  The document inspector inspects the documents of the general assembly and, if there are any inappropriate documents, reports to the general meeting and follows the instructions.


Article 7 Special member

Special members are members who handle tasks entrusted by the general meeting, and the number and authority are determined by the general meeting.


Article 8 The seminary director

Directors of seminaries directly managed by the General Assembly and approved (delegated) seminaries must read the articles of incorporation and state,  to appoint and form a board of directors in accordance with federal education laws;  Operate and manage the Foundation in accordance with the articles of incorporation and rules;  It is exercised with all decision-making powers on real estate management, and the operation of the foundation is reported to the general meeting every year.


Article 9 General affairs

One.  duties and powers

(One)  The general secretary, as a standing employee, under the direction of the president, organizes internal and external affairs related to the general assembly within the scope of the constitution and rules, but does not represent the denomination.

(2)  The general secretary becomes a member of the executive committee and reports the progress of the affairs to the general meeting within the period.

(3)  after the general meeting  Minutes and address books are distributed to members within 4 months.

2.  selection

The general secretary is selected by the executive committee and approved by the general meeting.  If there is a vacancy after the general meeting is adjourned, the executive board may decide the general secretary.


3.  Term and Fees

The term of office of the secretary  by 3 years  You can do the first one,  The fee is the annual salary  $30,000.00.


Article 10. Joining a dual denomination

This general assembly will allow simultaneous membership in the World General Assembly of the Church of Jesus (WKPC) and the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in Korea (joint).


Article 11 World Missions Church

World Mission Society (WMS) organizes and operates a board of directors according to the articles of incorporation and rules of the non-profit organization, and reports the situation to the general assembly every year.


Chapter 3 Finance


Article 12 Finance of the General Assembly

The General Assembly is financed by the premiums and special contributions of each presbytery.


Article 13 Total travel expenses

The commissioner's travel expenses are paid by the local church.


Chapter 4 Assembly


Article 14

General meeting every year  Tuesday afternoon after the 3rd Sunday in May  opens at 8 o'clock.  The place of the general meeting shall be decided in advance at the previous general meeting.  If the location and date and time are changed due to unavoidable circumstances, the resolution of the board of directors shall be taken.


Article 15

The Standing Department meets on the eve of the opening of the General Assembly to prepare a report to the General Assembly.  The meeting time and place are decided by the procedural committee.



Chapter 5 Reporting Forms and Documents


Article 16 Presbytery Situation Report Form


One.  things to be thankful for

2.  Church conditions (increasing membership,  conduction circumstances,  clergy sympathy,  church building status)

3.  church school,  bible school

4.  church special events

5.  future plans

6.  statistics

  number of employees  :  Minister,  elder,  missionary,  Ordained Butler,  kwonsa,  frost butler

  number of households  : Number of households over 14 years old

  number of faculty  :  number of admitted students,  number of infant baptized members,  number of baptized members

  number of church schools  :  number of church school students

  finance  :  income,  expenditure,  Sum

The general secretary receives this report and appends the total to the minutes.


Article 17

The secretary of the general meeting opens the general meeting  One month in advance, the list of members of the General Assembly and the procedure of the General Assembly meeting are prepared and printed and distributed to each member.


Article 18

various reports,  petition,  Inquiries and dedications are in each case.  Submit two copies each, but use the paper designated by the general meeting.


Article 19

The presbytery's status report and any documents that will pass the document inspection department shall be submitted to the General Assembly.  It must be submitted to the secretary of the General Assembly at least 3 days in advance.  The agenda proposed by the party is the member  It must be submitted soon by signature of 10 or more people.




One.  If you wish to amend these rules, please contact the members present at the suggestion of the General Assembly Rules Department.  third  Requires 2 or more votes.

2.  This rule takes effect from the date of passage.


(reference)  Founding Pastor,  founding elder,  Senior Vice President,  We decided not to use the title of Chairman of the Gyeonggyeong-gyeong-gyeong.

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