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Part 6 Constitutional Rules



Article 1 Establishment of unorganized churches

If you want to prepare a place of worship in a certain area, believe in Jesus Christ, and establish a new church, record the following items and obtain approval from the presbytery through the inspection meeting in the area.

1. Location of the new church
2. New Year Month Day
3. Number of elderly believers and households
4. Number of Church School Students
5. Condition of the chapel building
6. Name of the new church
7. How to Maintain the Church


Article 2 Responsibilities of members

1. Members of the church must attend church services and prayer meetings and all church meetings.
2. Members of the church should strive for the development of the church through effort, cooperation, and holy fellowship, and glorify God with love and good deeds.
3. Members of the church must cooperate with the church's expenses and projects with sincerity and spare no effort and money for charity, evangelism, and all good works.
4. We must strive to learn and preach the principles of the Bible, strive to put into practice the Word, and demonstrate the spirit of Jesus Christ in our lives.
5. A church employee who violates Sunday, acts of superstition, or does not pay tithing intentionally, such as drinking, smoking or gambling, will be exempt from office and will be considered as not fulfilling his/her duties as a member of the church.
6. Members of the church must abide by the truth, obey church laws, and obey the church's constitution.


Article 3 Rights of members

The sovereignty and all rights of the church rest with its members.
1. Members have the right to petition, appeal, and appeal in order according to the constitution of the church.
2. Members of the church have the right to vote and be elected according to the laws of the local church. However, the above rights will be suspended for members who have not attended church services for more than 6 months without any cause.
3. Members have the privilege to serve according to their measure for the body of Christ, the church.


Article 4 Sunday Worship

1. The worship service should begin with a silent prayer, and the worship service should be held in a solemn manner with a modest and reverent attitude.
2. Do not undermine the holiness of worship by guiding hymns or praises with strange movements and ungodly manners.
3. During the Sunday worship service, only worship and sacraments are performed, and other services are held on different days, but it is best to keep it as simple as possible.
4. During the Sunday worship service, do not perform any order of commemorating, celebrating, comforting, or congratulating an individual, but worship only God.
5. Do not buy or eat food or engage in any trade on Sundays, refrain from banquets or worldly pleasures, and spend time evangelism, consolation, prayer, and reading the Bible and godly books.


Article 5 Sacraments

1. If you have a clear confession of faith and attend church diligently, you are entitled to baptismal questions and answers.
2. Infant baptism can be performed up to the age of 2, and it can be performed even if only one of the parents trusts.
3. When a person who has been baptized as an infant becomes 15 years of age or older, he or she becomes the age to enter the school.
4. It is appropriate for the church to celebrate the sacrament at least twice a year. Advertise it in front of the church one week before the celebration of the sacrament, and prepare the hearts of the members with a prayer meeting.
5. Bury the bread and grape juice left over for the sacrament in a designated place or burn it.


Article 6 Election voting by the church

1. Election voting will be done secretly by innocent members with a prayerful heart, so in regards to voting in the church or at any meeting, as in society, artificially conduct an election campaign, write down the name of the person you want to be elected, send it around, invite a visit, Elections using documents or assemblies are prohibited. In the election of church officials, members who are ill, elderly, traveling, or other unavoidable reasons, who have not attended church services for more than 6 months without any cause, will have their election and election rights suspended.
2. In the case of postponed balloting, a vote with more than the number of votes in counting is considered invalid, and a vote with less than the number of votes is considered valid.
3. Invalid votes are not counted in the total number of votes. A void ballot is a ballot that is not a designated ballot, a white ballot, and a misrecorded ballot.


Article 7 Free Elders

1. If there is an free elder who can serve the church well, the elder may be included as a member of the board of directors by the resolution of the session.
2. During the celebration of the sacrament, if necessary, an unemployed elder may be entrusted with the task of sharing the sacrament.


Article 8 Free butler

If the ordained deacon is a free deacon who has been transferred from another church, the church may entrust the mission of the deacon by voting or a resolution of the session.


Article 9 Recommendation
1. In addition to the members of the office, the commissioner can be set up and entrusted to visit the church members. Among the faithful men and women, the pastor or the session appoints the commissioner, but the term of office is one year.
2. The Session determines the district (1 district is about 10 households) and entrusts it to the men and women to visit the church members' homes every week or month, visit the unbelieving families, conduct regional prayer meetings, and hold regular monthly inspection meetings. Therefore, report the situation of each area.


Article 10 Marriage Ceremony

1. In the wedding ceremony, cumbersome and rude manners should be avoided, performed quietly and simply, and costs should be saved.
2. It is forbidden to pay homage to the deceased's body, photograph, or grave.
3. In order to remarry after the death of one of the spouses, six months must pass after the death of the couple.


Article 11 Laying on the sick

In the church, except for those who have been ordained as pastors based on the Constitution, it is imperative to refrain from ordaining people for the sake of the sick.


Article 12 Documentation

Each church must keep the following documents:

(1) Various lists of members
(2) Minutes of the session
(3) Minutes of the Congregational Assembly
(4) Minutes of the court meeting
(5) Minutes of the board meeting and each group meeting
(6) History of this church
(7) List of Church Property
(8) Church inventory book
(9) Various statistical tables
(10) Each report file and reference documents

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